Electroingeniería Companies´ assets are purely national and are destined to engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of large scale projects. We also provide assessment related but not limited to services in electro mechanics, civil engineering, architecture, roads, and other associated sub-specialties.

Founded in the year 1977, it´s the leading national company in the design and construction of power lines and transformer stations (up to and including 500 kV), all the while maintaining outstanding records in the nuclear industry, creation of roads, sanitation projects and real estate.

The companies´ evolution and growth has allowed it to work its way successfully into Latin American countries since 1998. It currently has subsidiaries in Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The company subsidiary in Bolivia is currently working on an Interoceanic Corridor, widening the Santa Barbara-Caranavi-Quiquibey highway by 160 Km.
In the state of Maracaibo in Venezuela the company is currently developing the final stages of the startup program for the 500 mW combined cycle plant called Termozulia III. In Argentina the company has intervened in the construction of the nuclear power plant Atucha II, and is currently working on a project that will extend the service life of the Embalse nuclear plant. Alongside these, the company is installing a high voltage power line (500 kV), a fiber optic corridor north of the country, constructing a Business Park, and various tower complexes and apartment buildings. These are just a few of many projects we have undertaken.
The company currently has over 4000 employees.