CGGC was founded in 1970 and is one of the first 56 pilot companies designated in the Chinese national industrialization plan. CGGC currently maintains its own corporate finance companies, authorized by the government and has the rights to contracts at provincial levels and imports/exports. After the Chinese energy system restructure in the year 2011, CGGC has become a central member of the China Energy Engineering Group Co. Ltd. (CEEC)

The business sectors in which CGGC participates in are: Building engineering, and all investigation related to engineering technology, topography, design and services, investments in hydroelectric energy, construction and management, and real estate development and management. Having a strong basis on those sectors, CGGC has created an industrial chain consisting in eight business areas intricately related to construction, highway management, cement production, real estate, finances, hydroelectric energy and coal.

With over 100 highly qualified professionals, CGGC counts on more than 36000 employees, 17000 technicians, 50000 sets of construction equipment, and is capable of digging and filling 200 million cubic meters of stone and earth, place 18 million sq. meters of concrete, fabricate and install 210000 tons of metallic structures, use all 9 million kW of installed capacity, produce 187000 tons of industrial grade explosives and 20 million tons of cement. CGGC counts on a national technology center and a postdoctoral investigation center.

On top of all its competitive advantages, CGGC has become biggest contributor to work force in the Three Gorges Dam. In that project, CGGC was in charge of 65% of all the work.

CGGC is currently actively working on investment businesses that offer mutual support for its national chain. It´s one of the best industrial explosive producers in China, and one of the 10 main cement producers in the country. It invested 20 million Yuan in the construction of highways (500 km in length) and invested in the high speed train connection in the Hubei sector, connecting Shanghai-Wuhan-Chengdu. CGGC is involved in the construction of over ten hydroelectric power stations that have been successfully completed, in the process, or about to be built.

In 2012, CGGC was ranked 216 out of 500 Chinese companies, #62 out of the 225 biggest international contractors in the world, #1 of the most competitive Chinese construction companies, and once again, won the China International Contractors Association AAA credit rating.