We are Represas Patagonia

China Gezhouba Group Company Limited – Eling Energía S.A. SA – Hidrocuyo SA is the name of the temporary consortium uncharged of Cóndor Cliff and La Barrancosa dams construction, management and operation. However, the member companies decided to create Represas Patagonia (Patagonia Dams) brand for tribute Patagonian Region. 

Represas Patagonia is a recently established company born on a new multipolar global scenario where countries have begun to cooperate with each other and with major projects.

This is the case of China and Argentina that have signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement, which implies a new stage in multilateral relations. Argentina and China began to define priority projects for substantive cooperation of both countries in infrastructure, knowledge and international trade.

In this context, in 2011 the Argentinian company Eling Energía S.A. began the first negotiations with the Chinese China Gezhouba Group and visualized an opportunity to contribute to the development of Argentina through one of the most important megaprojects of the past 20 years in the country's history: the hydroelectric dams on the Santa Cruz River.