Quality, safety and enviroment


The establishment and implementation of processes that ensure customer satisfaction and the achievement of the Organizational objectives are all priorities for Represas Patagonia. Bearing this in mind, UTE has an integrated management system that combines international management standards of quality, environment, safety and occupational health managements being planning, the core of all these activities.

Represas Patagonia have a Quality Area responsible for implementing this integrated management system to ensure the safety and health of people, the preservation of the environment and the prime fulfillment of the required tasks.



The building project of the hydroelectric dams Cóndor Cliff and La Barrancosa ensures a safe working environment for thousands of workers involved therein, partners, subcontractors and suppliers. This in mind, Represas Patagonia will implement a comprehensive security plan, aiming to prevent work related accidents and/or environmental incidents.

In order for this to be put in effect, we´ll be working to promote awareness, environmental training, contingency plans, the provision of personal safety items and the establishment of hygiene and safety rules and regulations throughout the entire company.
Ensuring the physical integrity of workers and the environment is a definite priority for Represas Patagonia.



Represas Patagonia develops all its productive activities keeping in mind the necessity of respect for the environment, biodiversity and the safeguarding of natural resources. The production of electricity through hydroelectric implies a clean, non-contaminating and renewable generation of clean energy for the country.

The predicted steps for the construction and operation of the hydroelectric stations are focused on risk prevention and environmental responsibility.
A very important aspect that should be mentioned is the fact that Cóndor Cliff and La Barrancosa dams will allow the flow needed to keep the ecology in its current natural conditions.

The care and optimization for the usage of our natural resources implies permanent follow-ups of the environmental agenda and the usage of the cleanest (greenest) technologies which will simultaneously reduce waste material. All waste material will be recycled.