Institutional relations

Social development is one of the most important functions Represas Patagonia fulfills.
For this reason, the Company focuses on four fundamental pillars:

Internship Work

Different educational programs for human resources will be put forth to hire new personnel. This will be implemented through workshops and training programs in neighboring places.

Local Authority Relations

Represas Patagonia will promote the creation of opportunities to interact and participate with governmental leaders and local community representatives, so as to provide support for social and cultural activities.


Given the importance that technical careers have in the development of the country, the UTE will procure a partnership project with different educational institutions, superior in technical assessment, environmental studies, guided tours of the building site, scholarships, among other projects.

Strengthening Regional Economies

The construction of the Cóndor Cliff and La Barrancosa dams will require certain types of reinforcements to the local supply network. The UTE will partner up with different economic sectors and companies that belong to the region.